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BP Water Concepts team at expo

From imagination to paper to reality is a “concept”. Give us your concept, let us make it a reality. We build from simple to complex!

My name is Ben, I started cleaning pools in 2004, I loved cleaning pools. I always said I would never build them. Well, I learned to never say never. In my cleaning days I learned to tell the difference from an “ok” pool to a “great” pool. From the way it stayed cleaned, to how well the equipment worked. To be honest I was not impressed. Everything was so complicated. I don’t like complicated. I realized how many clients were never educated in using their own playground. Not just that, but wow do some companies charge or sell you something you don’t need! That’s their business… I just realized how frustrating it could be for a homeowner to choose a pool contractor that would give them a great product at a reasonable price. So, we cut out the middle MAN. Every member of our team has a role. We all do our part to keep the cost down and give you the WOW factor.

One day I met Freddy (my business partner) at a job site. Now Freddy on the other hand was a pool builder. He had worked for the same pool company for over 25 years. His goal was to one day work for himself. After working together on several pool builds we realized we would make a great team. That’s how we became BP Water Concepts Inc. We both love water and we both love to work. With Freddy’s expertise on the building side and my maintenance background we’ve made some beautiful pools. I don’t want to clean the pool if I don’t have to, so why not build one that will stay clean? Truth is you can’t. You can’t compete with nature. So we do everything we can to make a simple to use pool that will make your pool guy smile every time he sees it. By the way, we hope you will have the same reaction. After all, we want you to have fun also, its not just your kids!

Freddy is our main builder. Rodger, Freddy’s son, is our Sales Rep and also a builder, and I do the design and paper work. We are a small company, a family style. We do everything but two stages, shotcrete and plaster. We do our best to keep our clients happy and not complicate things.

Most projects take, from start to finish, three months. We enjoy building and remodeling pools, we’re not just here for the check. Working on something we love that pays to take care of our families, we are grateful. We do our best to make good pools and for YOU to enjoy the process.