Pool Equipment We Use

The heart of your pool is your pump and filter. Don’t cut corners here! You will save money and headaches! You want a clean pool, make sure you size your equipment right.

We like to use PENTAIR Equipment. Easy to use and great warranty. Main pump will be variable speed, which means we control how fast it will run. No need to run full speed, just enough to circulate your pool water.

There are 3 types of filters, CARTRIDGE, D.E, SAND. Each one has its advantages for different scenario’s, we personally like to use a cartridge filter when ever possible. Easy to use, clean, and only 5 pieces inside which makes a maintenance free. It has the capability to clean to 10 microns.

Brain of the operation is the controller. Again, we turn to PENTAIR: EasyTouch or Intelliotuch. Easy to use and which many options. I don’t like to pay for something and then 2 years later I need to upgrade. Both controls you can upgrade the software for free when a revision is out. If you want to add more feature’s all you need to do is buy the adaptors, not a complete system. Everything is wireless now, both controllers have the capability to be used with your phone, watch and Alexa.

All our pools with have a one of these 2 controllers, this is what makes your pool work and gives you the WOW factor! The difference between both controllers is one has LCD screen and has more functions available, while the other is more price friendly. Call us to show you the difference.